Top 10 Ingredients To Avoid In Your Makeup




Your Skin Is The Reflection
Of Your Inner Self 

“Makeup Is An Art & Beauty Is Spirit, With A Good Makeup Brush Every Woman Can Be An Artist”

It’s truly been said “Doing Your Makeup Well Is A Form of Good Manners” cosmetics are an important part of women’s lives in today’s world. It adds extra elegance to every woman’s appearance and makes them feel more comfortable and confident. There are more cosmetics available in the market than ever before, so it is quite obvious to us that these cosmetics play a crucial role in day to day life. Cosmetics can be a curse and a blessing. It can accentuate, enhance and highlight our natural features that need a boost as well as cover, conceal and minimize some minor blemishes and skin issues that we want to hide. It can feature the creativity of the spirit and shed light to faces like a paintbrush on a new canvas. Cosmetics are part of a daily routine and crucial part of most women’s lives. On the other side, if not used properly or the products are of low quality then they may harm the skin.

“Being Alert Is Being Safe”

Have you ever thought why it is essential to check the ingredients used in your cosmetics, personal care products and skin care products?

With the increasing demand of cosmetics in the market, the rise in the use of different sometimes harmful chemical ingredients also has increased. These chemicals are used as a part of making products, but it changes from brand to brand, and everybody’s need and use of makeup also varies. Concealers, shadows, powders & lipsticks can differ in cost and formation. Consequently, it is imperative to know your health history, your skin type, and the hypersensitivities you have when shopping and buying cosmetics. Knowing your body and staying alert while buying products by knowing the ingredients can make cosmetics safe and can give a fun approach to express your inner beauty outwardly.


harmfull affex of cosmetic on skin

Know The Make Up Ingredients

To know the harmful substances in your makeup. It is important to read and understand the ingredients before buying, because each and every beauty stroke on your skin leaves an impact on your skin. To always look beautiful and rejuvenated you should be aware about the brand, its products and the ingredients used in it.

Avoid In Your Makeup

After Effects Of Beauty Products On Skin

Some ingredients found in makeup products are used to produce a shimmery, sparkling effect. The products may exhibit skin health hazards and chronic adverse impacts connected to the harmful elements usually found in their formulations. A consumer should always be aware of the components used in their cosmetic products and its side effect.

Makeup Creator Ingredient Kit

How You Can Take Care Of Your Skin

The demand for safe makeup all over the globe has increased. This checklist has been set up to make you aware of some of the harmful chemicals that can be commonly identified in cosmetic products as well as the risk associated with such products. A consumer should always be aware of the components used in their cosmetic products and its side effect and how you can take care of your skin.


Deb & mineral makeup stacks

Debra Nellessen is the founder of Natural Beauty Group. She has dedicated nearly 2 decades to the beauty movement including attaining qualifications in beauty therapy and personal care formulating as well as extensive studies in Aromatherapy.

Having background knowledge of skin and a passion for creating all things to do with natural skincare, she was concerned about particular ingredients and testing methods of these ingredients used to ensure the safety of makeup. Her inquisitive approach led her to investigate how to create beautiful natural makeup products without animal testing. Knowing others shared the same concerns, she launched her white label loose mineral makeup business in 2015 and since then she has been helping businesses in Australia and internationally start their own ethical, nontoxic loose mineral makeup brand.

Debra Nellessen


There are no consistent rules or regulation from country to country for many of the ingredients found in our products; consequently, it is up to us to adopt reliable products for ourselves. On a daily basis, we are exposed to several potentially dangerous chemicals from all kinds of sources. Picking safer makeup products is something we can control. This means removing harmful ingredients. There are a number of companies that are embracing the way for clarity, reliability, and safety measurements in makeup and skincare products for us. This is the reason for coming up with Natural Beauty Group community where we spread the awareness about each and every ingredient being used in cosmetics and personal care.

I have sensitive, dry skin and have always had a skin problem after using my beauty products I thank you Debra, and your Natural beauty products which didn’t react with my skin.

Jessica D

Sales Executive, South Australia

I have always suffered from dry skin, thanks to Debra’s workshop I now feel hydrated and even my skin so now good. Thanks, Natural Beauty Products I am so glad I found you.

Carla Smith

Mother of three, South Australia


Our skin absorbs up to 60% of whatever we put it on.

This means that the product we put on can affect our overall well-being both negatively and positively. So keep yourself aware about the substances used in your products, having a right mentorship will make you glow in true sense. So choose one wisely! 

While your everyday products are made up of many different and even some natural chemicals,

there are still some particularly harmful ingredients we should avoid. While some in the cosmetic industry are working toward avoiding the use of toxic chemicals and find greener alternatives such as using plant oils or extracts to act as natural preservative, unfortunately, not all the brands follow these principles. Now you know about some of the toxic substances, check your own personal care and cosmetic products before applying it on your skin.

SAFETY in personal care products is not just a women’s issue.

It is a health crisis that affects women, men, and children, either directly or indirectly. In fact, while women often suffer from imbalanced hormones, men are actually 15% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer, and sperm count has decreased 50% in the last 25 years. That means SOMETHING IS WRONG. No, it’s not all because of personal care products, but they do contribute a bit to the situation but there are many other reasons added to it, but yes this is a beginning place. Toxic chemicals in personal care products contribute to various health issues like infertility, neurotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruption, and cancer. So next time you go gaga over a new makeup product, make sure you check the ingredients list before adding it to cart!

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Deb & mineral makeup stacks


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