Best Mineral Makeup for sensitive skin

Best mineral makeup for sensitive skin There are many reasons why people have sensitive skin. Some skin issues can be attributed to a person’s genetics whilst for other it can be a combination of external environmental and internal factors. How does one define sensitive skin? The answers vary from person to person, but generally most descriptions will include burning, tingling, redness/rash, break outs or skin tightness after a product comes into contact with the skin. For sensitive skin suffers finding the right makeup is crucial to prevent flare ups, rashes, breakouts or further sensitizing the skin. So what are the best makeups to use when dealing with sensitive skin? For starters the less ingredients your makeup contains, the less potential for causing irritation.

Why should we wear Vegan Makeup – ask an Expert

Why should we wear Vegan Makeup - ask an Expert Whether you are a vegan or an omnivore, there are some advantages to choosing a vegan makeup. For those who have made the decision to become vegans, a major motivating factor to shift to vegan products is the strong sense of social justice and choosing not to harm animals in any way. Even if you are an omnivore choosing to include meat in your diet, switching from a traditional makeup containing animal ingredients to a vegan makeup, there can be some definite advantages helping with skin issues. Because they are made from plant products & ingredients, vegan makeup by nature contains less ingredients. And unless you have sensitivities to some natural products such as nuts, generally vegan makeup is hypoallergenic - and less likely to cause irritation or allergies.